Stuart Turner Pump Repair

We are Ireland’s only official Stuart Turner service agent.

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If your Stuart Turner pump is showing signs of wear and tear it can present itself in a number of ways, from the pump not coming on, to not shutting off, and everything else in between. 

Most Stuart Turner pumps can be reconditioned and put back into service for many years after because it is rarely the actual motor has failed but rather some other ancillary component

Only Genuine Parts and Spares Used

The Shower Doctors are the only officially appointed service agents for Stuart Turner pumps in Ireland.

  • All our staff are factory trained and continually assessed to uphold Stuart Turner’s standards.
  • We only use genuine spare parts which are purchased directly from the manufacturer during our refurbishment.
  • During this process we replace ALL Electrical and Mechanical Components.
  • All seals are replaced which adds longevity to the life of the pump when replaced simultaneously.
  • We also offer a warranty on any pumps reconditioned in our office in Park West.

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    Stuart Turner Pumps

    Stuart Turner are internationally recognised as the leading manufacturers of quality shower pumps, whole house water pressure boosting pumps and pump solutions for low water pressure problems and waste water removal.

    Parts and Spares

    Need to repair a Stuart Turner pump? Click here to find parts and spares for Stuart Turner pumps, from Ireland's only officially appointed service agents for genuine Stuart Turner pumps, parts and spares.


    After years of continuous and reliable service your Stuart Turner Pump may show signs of aging and start to function incorrectly. However, this does not necessarily mean an expensive replacement pump is required. 

    Only genuine parts and spares used

    The Shower Doctors is the officially approved service agent for a number of leading shower and shower pump manufacturers and distributors situated both here in Ireland and the U.K.

    This means that we are able to provide our customers with their showers, pumps and servicing as well as the ongoing technical expertise required, with the support of the manufacturers to back up our services, unlike many others in the industry.

    One problem in our industry is the prevalence of sub-par parts and spares being used to fix showers which can lead to reduced life spans and can have further damaging effects when used unknowingly. Our service engineers use only genuine parts and spares for showers and shower pump repairs.

    We are Ireland’s ONLY official provider of Stuart Turner parts and spares. To ensure your Stuart Turner pump is serviced with only genuine parts, book a service with our engineers today. We provide nationwide coverage at excellent rates, along with unbeatable guarantees.