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Need a plumber? Or do you need an electrician? Most likely, you need one of The Shower Doctors service engineers.

So you wake up in the morning to find water spraying from your electric shower. What do you do? Ok, trying to turn it off didn’t work. So now do you need a plumber or electrician?

The truth is you may need neither. A plumber may not like to work on an electric shower because of the electrics involved and likewise, an electrician has a similar problem because there is water present.

Electric showers fall in between two stools, and many plumbers and electricians don’t have the knowledge required to repair an electric shower. And, very few stock the parts to repair showers the first time around.

Highly experienced team, delivering first-time-fixes

We have developed a highly skilled team of repair engineers with decades of experience and over 250,000 successfully completed repairs. Our team are fully equipped with spares for all leading brands and have the experience to complete the vast majority of repairs in a single call out.

This means that the chances of customers having to go through numerous callouts is tiny!

For more information about showers call us on 01 620 5657 or contact us using the form and we’ll call you back. At The Shower Doctors, we know all there is to know about showers.

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